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it was agreed that students of grade 8 in both schools would work on a research project to try to discover common roots class="image-right" height="360" src="images/cpf_visit_2011.jpg" width="480" /> both schools.
> servant, and mrs. riman jabr, kindly invited grade 8 of schneller school to visit the french protestant college in beirut.
the day for the visit was wednesday 30 march 2011. nineteen students the day for the visit was wednesday 30 march 2011. nineteen students left jlss in the school bus at 8.00 am accompanied by the director rev. haddad, mr. rudwan azzam, and miss josephine mansour. they were supposed to arrive in cpf at 9.30 am but because of the traffic in beirut they arrived at ten o'clock.
they were warmly welcomed by dr. servant, mrs. jabr, and students of grade 8. after the welcome snack (manakeesh) and juice in the playground all went on the first tour of cpf which was in the kindergarten and elementary school section.
they then went to the theatre where dr. servant presented rev. haddad with the cpf medal, and then both cpf and jlss students presented their respective presentations about their schools. the theatre group of cpf then presented a medieval play mainly in french with some parts in english which had the theme of love, peace, and reconciliation. cpf students did very well and it was a delight to watch their play.
the second part of the tour of the campus followed and this time students visited the laboratories, computer classes, libraries, and other facilities ending in mrs. riman jabr's class (grade 8).
dr. servant and mrs. jabr then kindly invited the jlss guests to have lunch in the cafeteria with the cpf students and other members of staff. by that time students from both schools were beginning to integrate with each another as the seating was intentionally arranged to encourage that.
jlss and cpf students exchanged gifts. jlss students had brought the schneller 150th anniversary mugs that they filled with sweets which they presented to their cpf friends who reciprocated by presenting jlss students with the cpf t-shirt.
finally, it was time to say goodbye, and jlss students headed back to jlss having had a wonderful day in cpf.
we express our most sincere gratitude to cpf, dr. andr servant, mrs. riman jabr, cpf staff, and students of grade 8 for their wonderful kindness and excellent hospitality.
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