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Visitors September October 2012 Rev. Baumann and George Eid at JLSS

Between September and October 2012 we had a few of our partners and friends visit our school.
Mr. Martin Weiss' visit was from 16 to 17 September.
On the 1st of October we had a group from the Carmel Mission lead by Mr. Samir Nassrallah (Schneller board member).
Rev. Roland Baumann of SVS Switzerland visited JLSS from 8 to 10 October. He was accompanied by Mr. George Eid Eid who stayed from Monday 8 till Friday 12 October. George helped in the boarding department, and as he usually does during his visits, he assisted in various activities. He arranged a very nice display of medals (which he donated to JLSS) on the entrance of Family 2. He also removed the weeds and thorns and lined the small football field.
Martina Waiblinger visited from the 7th to the 10th of October. Her mission was to take recent photos for the Schneller Magazine.
We thank our friends and partners for their visits and support through the various activities they do for our school.

Display of Medals by George Eid Eid

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