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Tragic Death of Ms. Hanan Haddad Nohra

Ms Hanan Haddad Nohra
Thursday 11 May 2023 brought terrible news to Schneller School. We knew Ms. Hanan Haddad Nohra was sick in hospital, but we hoped and prayed she will pull through her sickness and be with us again.
The phone ringing early in the morning at 6:00 AM is always an omen of bad news. With great sorrow we received the terrible news that she passed away in hospital.
Miss Hanan, as everyone knew her, was part of the fabric and soul of JLSS. She was born in our school, the daughter of a very dedicated educator, Mr. Jean Haddad, who cared for multiple generations in his boarding home and later became Head of the Boarding Department. He still supports the school as a volunteer many years after his retirement handling all the relations and paperwork with the Ministry of Social Affairs.
Mr. Jean Haddad graced JLSS not only with his dedication and tireless work, but also with his two daughters who became teachers in our school.
Miss Hanan was the kind gentle teacher, with endless love and patience. She managed her classes well without ever raising her voice. She did her best for her students, and was loved by them and all her colleagues.
Even when she was hurt or made angry, her only reaction was the widening of her eyes and expressing her opinion in gentle and kind words.
When JLSS in 2017 had the extreme financial crisis due to the most ridiculous salary scale decided by the Lebanese parliament forcing it to close the intermediate section and layoff a big number of teachers and members of staff among whom was her sister; she was extremely sad but she never expressed any resentment or harbored any ill-feelings towards the school administration.
Very few people have the fine qualities she had. Her loss from the Schneller team at such an early age is indeed tragic news that is extremely hard to accept.
Those of her kind are citizens of heaven even before they reach it. And we know she is there with our Loving Lord because she reflected His love all through her life.
The Lord is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!
We express our most sincere condolences to her husband Mr. Elias Nohra, her father, Mr. Jean Haddad; her sister Head of the Academic Department Ms. Odette Haddad Makhoul, her two brothers Dr. George and Dr. Walid, her daughter Dr. Vicky and her two sons Capt. David and Roy, her family and friends and the whole Schneller team, past and present.
She will be greatly missed!

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