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Rotary Foundation Brings Vocational Training in JLSS to the 21st Century & Helps in Reducing our Deficit

The long awaited equipment has finally arrived to JLSS thanks to the Rotary Foundation. The CNC machine which brings our vocational training to the 21st century arrived on Tuesday 4 May 2010, and the kitchen equipment that operates on Gas arrived on Thursday 6 May 2010. CNC Machine in JLSS
The kitchen equipment included an industrial cooker-oven and an industrial French Fries machine. Both operate on Gas only and do not require electricity to be used. All our other kitchen equipment require both gas and electricity to operate. When we needed to do anything during our regular power cuts, we had to run our huge generator that supplies electricity to the whole school. This was costing us enormous amounts of money on diesel bills and was very unfriendly to the environment. Now our kitchen team can work without electricity if necessary, and we will be able to save enormous amounts of money and thus reduce our deficit. The amounts of money this project will save us during the coming years are enormous.
The CNC machine project was a dream come true. When we started Dual System vocational training, we were informed that we will need a CNC machine in our General Mechanics Department to meet the requirements for the third year of training. We brought this need to our friends in the Wasserburg Rotary club and the Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary club. Both clubs kindly responded to our need and together provided us with the CNC machine. They also provided us with a huge UPS system that will protect its sophisticated electronic equipment from guaranteed damage from the unreliable and surge-prone local power supply. All the necessary equipment for installing the CNC machine were also sent to us with all the tools and the specialized cabinet. Blocks of plastic and aluminum for student exercises on the machine were also sent.
The Rotary clubs also planned, hosted, and financed the training of the Coordinator of our Vocational Department, Mr. Nasr Debs, in Germany. This training was absolutely necessary for installing, operating, and teaching colleagues and students on this CNC machine.
The Rotary Clubs that provided us with those projects are the following:
Kitchen Equipment Donated by the Rotary FoundationCNC  Machine:
The Rotary Foundation
RC Wasserburg
RC Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary
Districts 1840, 2450  
Gas Cooker:
RC San Mateo
RC South San Francisco
RC Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary
District 5150
We express our most sincere gratitude to all the above mentioned clubs of the Rotary Foundation, and we especially thank Mr. Manfred Bonetsm├╝ller, Mr. Peter Rink, Mr. Tony Asfour and all the wonderful people of the Rotary Foundation who helped us realize all those dreams.
We especially thank you for not giving up on the CNC machine project which faced enormous difficulties on every step of the way. In spite of all the huge problems you faced, you persisted and fought against all odds to meet our needs.
Words cannot express our gratitude to you as both projects are not ordinary ones. They are both truly giant leaps for our school, one is technological and the other is economical and financial.
Thank you very much and may God bless you all.
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