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Rev. Maurer Visits JLSS

Rev. Andreas Maurer, the executive secretary of the Evangelical Association for Schneller Schools (EVS), accompanied with Ms. Claudia Rammelt, member of EVS board, visited our school on Friday 4 February 2011. This was the regular visit of Rev. Maurer to catch up with recent developments and to meet with various people in JLSS. He also attended the Schneller Board meeting which was held in Beirut on Thursday evening. They left to Amman on Saturday Morning by car through Syria. EMS volunteers in JLSS this year, Henriette Seitz and Felix Weiss, also travelled with them to attend the yearly meeting held in Theodore Schneller School. We express our gratitude to Rev. Maurer and Ms. Rammelt for their visit and for the wonderful support EVS is providing our school.
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