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Prayer for Peace in Lebanon Bern & Beirut

Our Swiss partners, Schweizer Verein Für Die Schneller Shulen in Nahen Osten, decided to hold parallel services of prayer for peace in Lebanon. The services were held at the same time on July 1st at 10.00 am in The Holy Ghost Church in Bern and the National Evangelical Church in Beirut. The service in Bern was lead by Rev. Andrea Kindler who preached on the theme of peace. Mrs. Rima Nassrallah lead the service in Beirut and also preached on the same theme. Rev. George D. Haddad, director of Johann Ludwig Schneller School celebrated Holy Communion. The service touched our people in both Schneller School and the National Evangelical Church in Beirut as our Swiss partners showed their wonderful solidarity with the Lebanese people who are going through a difficult time. We thank our Swiss partners for this service and we all pray to God that the Lebanese people may resolve their difficulties and that Lebanon may have long lasting peace.
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