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Additional Freiha Scholarships to JLSS

On the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Schneller Schools, Naji and Nader Freiha kindly donated twenty five scholarships over the coming five years. They sent the director an email dated April 12, 2010 which read:
"We congratulate you in person and every one who assists in keeping this legendary and missionary story on going. On this occasion and as part of contribution and personal duty and debit, we would like to contribute the total of 25 scholarships over the coming five years. All scholarships will be to honor our previous teachers and the Schneller people who touched our lives during our academic years.
Thank you and God bless you all.
Nader & Naji Freiha."
This is absolutely marvelous news. We are so proud of Nader and Naji Freiha and we express to them our whole-hearted thanks. Our school is really proud to have such wonderful alumni. May God bless you both and your wonderful families. May our Loving Lord repay you generously for your gratitude, wonderful love, and charity.

We also received three more alumni scholarships from Dr. Walid John Haddad, Mr. Talal Hanouni, and Mr. John Ghazal. We also express our sincere gratitude to them all.
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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